It isn’t like us to shamelessly self-promote our own non-Clones and Fashions endeavors (Mike doesn’t brag about his fantasy football team on here, despite them being “the best”), but it is in our best interest. With that in mind, I submit to you, our dear reader, the tour dates for what some (me, my mom) would consider to be the greatest rock band in the world, Kicking Spit.

Check out the dates below:
Friday, October 14 – Laughing Horse Books. 12 NE 10th St, Portland, Or. With Autistic Youth, Defect Defect

Saturday, October 15 –  Alf House. 1342 E Georgia. Vancouver, CA. With Spectres, Genetic Decay

Sunday, October 16 — The New Frontier Lounge. 301 E 25th St., Tacoma, Wa. With Devotion, Silver Snakes, Hands of Toil

Monday, October 17 – Driving past In-And-Out Burgers. Jealous?

Tuesday, October 18 – The Hemlock. 1131 Polk St., San Fransisco, Ca. With Owl, Huff Stuff Magazine

Wednesday, October 19 – Narducci’s. 622 E 21st St., Bakersfield, Ca. with Buffalo Season, The Blacksmiths

Thursday, October 20 – JOEYS BBQ. 117 w.2nd St., Pomona, Ca with Horror Squad, Dudes Night

Friday, October 21 – BAY for a Void Book signing. If only we knew how to read…

Saturday, October 22 –  Fivepoints Arthouse. 72 Tehama St., San Fransisco, Ca with Wildmoth, Joy Ride, Face the Rail

Sunday, October 23 – Eli’s Mile High Club. 3629 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., Oakland, Ca.

If you have a stomach for Frito dust and stupidity speak, come watch the ceremonial playing of the electric guitar.

Never heard Kicking Spit? Who could blame you? Check out some new songs from the Reality Dropout single here or enjoy some visual excitement to go along with aural pleasure.

What does this mean for C/F? Attempts at updates from the road! Enjoy the sporadic updates from a guy who can barely keep a schedule that he devised.