Now you can literally be Gore (or something more like Quatto) for a full length Seasick set (+20min). This is C/F’s first foray into the weird and wonderful world of experimentation. If you are A.D.D. oriented, the set is punctuated with song titles. The times are listed below.

Blitzed, [1:49] –> btw did you check out the dedicated edit from Bronzfest?

Think with the Learned, [3:55]

Understanding Sentience, [5:25]

Introspection, [8:25]

Veritistic Value, [9:37]

Myths Part 2, [10:18]

The Problem of God’s Evil, [12:11]

Fail Iterate, [14:45]

Regulator [17:36]

If you are interested in any of the lyrics, they are all posted on Seasick’s blog:

Special thanks goes out to Pat Gerity of RTF RECORDS who set up RTF FEST 2: Bash at the Beach. It was an incredible event. We will definitely be following up this post with a couple CloneCast Films edits (Forward to Death, You and I, Troublemaker, more). This was Seasick’s second year playing the fest. You can check out our footage of last year when Seasick opened up with Blitzed (but wheres the footage of the cops being moshed?! … hmmmm, stay tuned?).