Clones/Fashions Staff:

Jaime Herrera

Producer / Editor-In-Chief

A hybrid designer/animator by day and video/photo/web/pin ninja by night. Jaime brings his vast tomes of specialized skillsets and blends them with equal parts of the proverbial punk adolescent experience and equals parts adulthood angst to fuel the recontextualisation of youth culture into new forms of expressive artifacts via the C/F platform.

Matt Schimkowitz

Senior Staff Writer

Matt Schimkowitz is a writer and musician from that bastion of irony, sales tax, and springtime fresh cities, New Jersey. Through his years of touring, writing, and intermingling with punk bands around the world, his breadth of knowledge will make easy fodder and mockery for the trolling message board fiends, which will undoubtedly take issue with his every thought. His work has been featured on, and