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100 Days of Punk: #94 Inferno “Tod Und Wahnsinn”

You could say a lot of things about Inferno’s Tod Und Wahnsinn, but at least you’d have been warned. These fun loving Germans graciously announce their intentions for everyone to hear on the first track, “Wodka.” “It’s just for fun,” the band celebrates, but when your record is about fifteen minutes and fifteen tracks longer… Continue Reading

100 Days of Punk: #95 Ultra Violent “Crime for Revenge”

This one’s a bona fide rager. Ultra Violent’s “Crime for Revenge” EP is three tracks of punk precision with just enough dramatics (read: melodrama in the case of “Where Angles Dare Not Tread”) to keep things interesting. Why Pushead packed his forgotten UK82 interests into spots 96 and 95 are beyond me, but he’s certainly… Continue Reading

100 Days of Punk: #96 Mau Maus “Facts of War”

The no-future mentality led further into the future than any in the UK ’77 punk scene expected (then again, most its members probably didn’t expect to become prominent and wealthy culture critics either). Ignoring the bullocks, early punks danced in the doom and gloom of accepting their worthlessness in society, celebrating their apathy towards the… Continue Reading

100 Days of Punk: #97 The Accüsed “Martha Splatterhead”

The ever influential and long running Accüsed have been cashing in on the crossover madness found on this EP for almost thirty years. However, Martha Splatterhead thankfully keeps things punk, using the speed of thrash and grime of hardcore to create something that’s both deservedly praised and a welcome addition to Pushhead’s list. Martha Splatterhead plows… Continue Reading

100 Days of Punk: #98 Subvert “The Madness Must End!”

Subvert’s blistering sound may not have been anything new to the Pacific northwest, but it’s unlikely you’ll feel slighted. The vocals are gruff, the guitar solos are fast and loose, and the anger is palpable, making it a no-brainer for any punker. The Madness Must End! is a tight debut EP that’s unapologetic in its… Continue Reading

100 Days of Punk: Dead Kennedys “In God We Trust, Inc.”

The only entry from California’s Dead Kennedys is also the band’s bluntest. These eight tracks contain the unbridled energy of punk’s foremost satirists, as they put they’re parodies aside, for the most part, in lieu of quick bursts of aggression and antagonism. Classics like “Moral Majority” and “Nazi Punks Fuck Off” get to the point… Continue Reading

100 Days of Punk: Leeway “Born to Expire”

Not as rough around the edges as the Cro-Mags, Leeway’s debut boasts the mainstream cleanliness of Anthrax, while leaning on their hardcore influences for support. Songs like “Mark of the Squealer,” “Self Defense,” and “Tools for War” show off the energy that made Leeway exciting; while others, like the metallic “On the Outside” and the… Continue Reading

100 Days of Punk

Lists, lists, and more lists. Everyone loves lists. Though, while lists streamline the reviewing process, it’s nice to have perspective on the entries. There are few things more frustrating than a best of list that lacks reason; without review, there’s nothing distinguishing one entry from the other. Surely there’s a reason why we put such… Continue Reading