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c/f blog Interview: Joe of Don Giovanni Records

Between deadlines and the high cost of vinyl, running a record label for ten years is up there with monkeys flying out of your butt on a list of things not likely to happen. Yet, for the last decade, Don Giovanni Records has defied naysayers

In My Head: Superchunk “Package Thief”

With the re-release, remastering, and repurchasing of each and every Superchunk album imminent, it only seems fitting to celebrate what is possibly the most Superchunkian song ever and the only one to receive acknowledgement from rock critics Travis & Bob-Head, “Package Thief.”

100 Days of Punk: #94 Inferno “Tod Und Wahnsinn”

You could say a lot of things about Inferno’s Tod Und Wahnsinn, but at least you’d have been warned. These fun loving Germans graciously announce their intentions for everyone to hear on the first track, “Wodka.” “It’s just for fun,” the band celebrates, but when your record is about fifteen minutes and fifteen tracks longer… Continue Reading

Shameless Plug: Kicking Spit West Coast Tour

reality dropout by kicking spit It isn’t like us to shamelessly self-promote our own non-Clones and Fashions endeavors (Mike doesn’t brag about his fantasy football team on here, despite them being “the best”), but it is in our best interest. With that in mind, I submit to you, our dear reader, the tour dates for… Continue Reading

c/f music review: Less Life “Today Will Be Ours”

Today Will Be Ours by Less Life Less Life lives its in another time, and their first EP, Today Will Be Ours, harkens to a period of hardcore history when sweater vests on the backs of butt cut sporting teenager and dissonant, chug-heavy guitars and now-I’m-talking-now-I’m-screaming vocals were the norm. The time? When else, the… Continue Reading

In My Head: The Descendents “Silly Girl”

Seeing as everyone here at Clones is going a bit Descendents crazy with last weekend’s pursuit of the all mighty All, I thought it appropriate to post a song that’s going to be in your head for the rest of your life. That is, if it isn’t already. “Silly Girl” popped up on the B-Side… Continue Reading

c/f music review: Night Birds “The Other Side of Darkness”

After years of tinkering with test tubes and Tesla coils, New Jersey’s Night Birds finally pull the switch and bring their Roger Corman-meets-surf punk monster, The Other Side of Darkness, to life. Armed with ominous guitar leads, howling backup vocals, and enough reverb to give someone vertigo, The Other Side of Darkness delivers the same campy… Continue Reading

In My Head: Cockney Rejects “Bad Man”

ecause no one likes doing anything in Doc Martens more than dancing, this week’s In Your Head hones in on one of Oi’s great dance tracks. No, not “New Age.” That beat explosion is going to be covered on another weekly column entitled “Hey, is this New Wave?” scheduled to drop sometime after the post-dub… Continue Reading

100 Days of Punk: #95 Ultra Violent “Crime for Revenge”

This one’s a bona fide rager. Ultra Violent’s “Crime for Revenge” EP is three tracks of punk precision with just enough dramatics (read: melodrama in the case of “Where Angles Dare Not Tread”) to keep things interesting. Why Pushead packed his forgotten UK82 interests into spots 96 and 95 are beyond me, but he’s certainly… Continue Reading

100 Days of Punk: #96 Mau Maus “Facts of War”

The no-future mentality led further into the future than any in the UK ’77 punk scene expected (then again, most its members probably didn’t expect to become prominent and wealthy culture critics either). Ignoring the bullocks, early punks danced in the doom and gloom of accepting their worthlessness in society, celebrating their apathy towards the… Continue Reading